Thanks For Finding Me

Getting Rides and Stories from Strangers

Everyone has a story.

Talk to each other.

Scared Sober

I thanked my driver for finding me. He looked familiar, and I think from a previous ride I remembered him as being someone who may have taken in his grandchildren, but I didn’t ask. All I had to do was ask him how long he had lived in Phoenix and he had a lot to […]

One Good Man

He got out of the cab and ran around to open the door. This never happens. I thanked him repeatedly. He tried to talk and write in his log at the same time, and we had this funny disjointed conversation about Bobby Brown (love old school R&B/dance) and how when I worked at a hospital […]

Those Nails, Though

My driver has a 17 year old daughter who, she says, is lazy. No motivation. She has a completely paid for car from her dad but she can’t drive it because she still only has her permit and isn’t interested in getting her license. School is a mile from home but she absolutely won’t walk […]

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