Let me briefly explain everything that is happening here.

I’m disabled. I’m no longer able to drive. And I’d like to share some of the interactions I have with the people responsible for getting me from point A to point B.

One of my friends once said that I never met a stranger. That made me laugh, because I have plenty of anxiety, and I’m not always open or receptive to conversation with people I don’t know. But for these rides, most of them going to and from medical appointments, we’re thrown together; so why not get to know each other a little?

I have a strong arts background. I actually graduated from a high school for the arts; think “Fame.” We lived on campus like it was college, and we had intense training in addition to traditional high school classes. My family on both my mother’s and my father’s sides also embraced the arts. Many of us play instruments, some are visual artists, some dance, and we even have a jewelry designer in the mix.

The arts help us to process what is happening in our lives. That is why I have decided to make recommendations to add art into your life and to stay within the theme of the post. Some will be visual art created by friends; some will be information on how to contact my friends to learn how to play instruments (or play them better), or how to sing (or sing better). My only request is to respect their fees. Artists spend years, money and time perfecting their craft, and they have every right to expect to be paid real money, not for “exposure.”

I am also recommending exercises with Donovan Green, as his workouts have been so helpful in keeping me mobile and strong. His specialty is chair workouts but he works with all fitness levels and abilities and no one is limited to a chair if they are able to do more.

My first recommendation is going to be from one of my classmates. She is also navigating multiple rare diseases and has had her brain exposed to open air a time or two. She is a multi-talented artist, but the items you can actually hold in your hands include her original artwork and her music. Amy Abts