He had an unusual, old-fashioned name, something that made me think of 1940’s musicals and Tango. It’s so old-fashioned that people still aren’t using it to name their babies.

We got on the freeway almost immediately and he had the windows down to catch the nice weather, and it was too noisy to chat, so I sat quietly. When we exited and could hear each other, he smiled and said, “Well, that was the quietest ride ever,” which I took to mean that he would have preferred conversation.

I asked him if he had lived in Phoenix long. He said he had never lived in Phoenix. Now, if you have ever lived in this area, you know that it’s a generalization of the valley as opposed to living anywhere else in the world. But he preferred to be precise. He went on to explain that he previously had a house in San Tan Valley and currently resided in Mesa. He said that he had to sell the house in San Tan Valley, but it’s where he and his wife of 40+ years had lived. He said she passed away, and he paused. I told him I was sorry about his sweetheart. He explained that he had remarried the previous year, and he and his new wife hadn’t had one disagreement. His previous wife had many health issues and had gained a large amount of weight, and so had opted for weight loss surgery. That type of surgery isn’t without its own complications, and unfortunately she did not survive long after that.

The driver told me that he had grown up in Utah and attended Brigham Young University, and he had six children total: three stayed in Utah, and three were in North Carolina. Without him coming right out and saying it, I understood that he was Mormon. The unusual thing to me about the ride in general was that he was blasting Cher. Now Cher is a lovely lady and she has gone through many transformations as an artist and entertainer. But the music he was blasting was definitely gay club vibe. My guess was that he was early 70s. Maybe he just liked happy music?

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