My driver wasn’t someone I had met previously. I asked him what he had been doing prior to driving for this particular company. He said that his wife worked for Sam’s Club for about 30 years, and so he decided to work there for about 6 years as well. Unfortunately he developed a painful blister at the bottom of one foot as well as plantar fasciitis. After trying various suggestions from a podiatrist, nothing seemed to be working. He was also peeling and peeling the blister and it wouldn’t heal. Eventually it became a deep wound that needed a lot more care, and he ended up missing a lot of work. Ultimately he had to change jobs so that he wasn’t on his feet as much.

The driver said he doesn’t ask why we are riding the paratransit buses, because it’s our private business (and he’s absolutely right, it is). But he overheard another rider telling a woman why he had two above-the-knee amputations: He developed blisters on the balls of each foot, and he kept peeling and peeling. Both wounds wouldn’t heal. Infections penetrated to the bone. This driver’s eyes just kept getting bigger because the passenger’s story could have been his. Honestly, it still could be.

I mentioned to the driver that if someone has diabetes, it’s really tough to recover from wounds that at first appear to be simple, and it was my educated guess that that particular gentleman had diabetes. The driver indicated he had diabetes too, but his was currently under control with diet. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being so commonplace in the next few decades that it would just be something that everyone would have. (If that’s true, this whole insulin business had better get worked out NOW. Short-acting insulin from Walmart is NOT the answer. No one can get through an entire night on that junk.) The driver said he was okay with this job for now, and like any other job, there’s positives and negatives. I was thinking as he was saying that, that he probably interacts with far less people than he did at his previous job and that’s quite an adjustment.

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I had to get this cast re-done because I wasn’t getting proper circulation. Blue toes! I knew it as soon as I woke up from surgery. Of course the nurses didn’t believe me. But you would have to be blind not to see this.