What happens when cops target you simply because of racial profiling? My (Latino) driver was telling me about his cousin’s encounter with the cops. The cops seemed to randomly target him one night, accused him of something and making all kinds of charges. The cousin happens to live in a not-so-stellar neighborhood. His neighbor also happened to film a bunch of stuff around his back yard, and submitted it as evidence that got him out. The cousin was really disillusioned. My driver said his cousin told him, “Man, all I do is go to work and come home. I don’t know why they picked me.” All of the charges were dropped after the video was submitted, thank goodness for that. (It was a short ride, I didn’t get a lot of details. But yes, innocent people go to jail, especially if they don’t have money for a good lawyer. This is how certain portions of the population end up with criminal records while others do not.) 

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