My driver and his wife moved here from the east coast 6 years ago; the last place they lived was Connecticut. He is a pastor and so it’s not difficult for him to meet people. He is friendly but still reserved. He knows all of his neighbors and a good number of fire chiefs in Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert. He really likes it in AZ. We talked about travel as well; he has been to quite a few states, but not next door to New Mexico. It’s a goal.

I actually had this driver twice in a 2-week span. The second time around we talked about the financial impact that COVID had on him. His son had encouraged him to file for funds, but he had put it off, so he pretty much missed every opportunity. I gave him information, and let him know that the FCC had just set something up for covering up to $50 for households that had been impacted by loss of income and made under a certain amount of money. He said he definitely qualified. My driver said he was reluctant to accept money because he was still working, but he and his wife were still very much feeling the strain. I also gave him the info from a website I often hand out that was created by a fellow disabled person when I think someone will benefit from the plethora of info, because it’s not really just for disabled people.

Not every church is a mega church; not every pastor is looking for flash and cash. This man is obviously working on making connections and also making sure the bills are paid – because he’s driving for Uber.

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