My driver told me that his wife had broken her foot and she had difficulty with her knee scooter. It wouldn’t have been as bad an experience if the scooter hadn’t made her body so sore and painful. I did explain to him that when we’re dealing with things like bursitis in other joints and in my case, my bones fusing together and crazy cysts growing everywhere, that knee scooter sets everything on fire. I also talked to him about this phenomenon of doctors telling female patients they just need to get counseling.

He wanted to know if doctors did that with evidence staring them in the face. My answer: yes. He asked if the female doctors do that as well. And my answer was unfortunately yes again, as female doctors have to compete with male doctors. The driver said sheesh, it’s not as if we are living in the 1960s. I said really, it’s not like we’re in the 1600s and we’re concerned about that spooky witchcraft and we’re trying to figure out if we’re going to sink or swim. He just shook his head, saying sheesh, I can’t believe we’re stuck all the way back there.

He changed the topic to COVID. He said he thought he would be wearing his mask a bit longer, but he also thought the virus was a big money grab. If you went into the hospital with a list of ailments and COVID was somewhere on the list and the person died, then the hospital would “get big money.” I asked him if he lost anyone to COVID. He said yes. I asked him if he thought those nurses and other staff took care of the people who died, or if they just took the money and ran. He said he didn’t know but they probably got care, but they were overcharging. [This is what I understand about how funds are being disbursed: If hospitals and other facilities receive extra funds, it’s to offset the losses they have experienced because of everything they have had to shut down.] We talked about people who contracted the virus who were previously healthy and now not so much so. We kind of left that topic up in the air, but I hoped that he understood that this virus is new to our bodies and we’re just winging it.

The driver changed the topic again; we were getting closer to my surgeon’s office. He asked me where I was from and he let me know he was from Nebraska. I have been there, though briefly. He told me he has 5 children and 13 grandchildren still living there, but he has refused to keep a winter jacket or boots. The latest he has ever visited is November. He feels climate change and it’s definitely real.

So I feel like this driver’s values were aligned with mine, for the most part – except with how to handle the virus, which is huge. People really are all over the place on COVID-19.

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