My driver thought I was young, in my 20s like him. I get that a lot. He has 2 boys, 10 and 6, and he wants at least 2 more kids. I asked him where he is from. First he said Africa, so I said which country? He said Tanzania. He told me he still has a sister there but his dad died in 2018. His village is very difficult to get to, and hardly ever has drinkable water. It has also been hit hard by #covid_19. He explained that the village is on an island. I didn’t realize that Tanzania had an island or islands, so after our ride I looked up the info, and there’s actually many islands of Tanzania. [Having lived on Mackinac Island in Michigan where only bicycles and horses are allowed, I at least knew what it meant to be on a rock surrounded exclusively by water and have some limited means, though our idea of inconvenience doesn’t even begin to compare.] I actually have very limited knowledge of Tanzania, only because my aunt was there for a short time as a teacher. I know from my own studies that it is a largely Muslim country; when that is the case, music centers around one instrument when it is played, and it is usually for the purpose of prayer.

He works many hours here, 2 jobs, so he can send money there to help. He missed his home very much, but he wanted to make a better life both for his own small family, and for everyone that he sent money back home to. He said, “But it’s okay.” I said it really wasn’t okay and I am sorry that it is so difficult. He said, “But I am a man, and I am going to be strong.” Up to that point he was smiling and cheerful, but when he said that, he was utterly sad.

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