I thanked him for finding me. We talked politics. He hasn’t voted in over a decade. He made a bet with a friend, saying he expected he would get more direct results if he sent $1,000 to McCain than if his friend voted. McCain called him from his personal cell. McCain admitted it was party first and always would be (until death was knocking at his door, then it was screw the party). Democrats are disjointed and disorganized, not enough passion to follow through. My driver met the infamous painted face, horned guy who stormed the WH, very much an impressionable guy who doesn’t know if he believes in Mother Earth, Father God, or what. He admitted he wore the helmet because he was really vain about going bald so young. The face paint was for fun. How many times has that guy changed his mind or his story? That’s the problem with impressionable people. He may have shown up on the steps of the Capitol, but now he is swimming in regret. (After speaking with him for this 20 or so minutes, my guess is my driver was late 50’s and may have been Green party. His girlfriend is a Trump supporter and my driver said she needed serious deprogramming.)

I felt a bit bad because he asked for a tip saying he hadn’t worked a real job in months, and I had to explain I wasn’t able to tip through disability and I didn’t have cash. Some of the drivers are aware that when they get their assignment and it’s worded in a certain way, the directive is being sent through disability dispatch, and none of the info comes directly from me. This sometimes creates frustrating situations as addresses are often incorrect. For some reason, disability dispatch never gets my local Costco correct and everyone ends up down the street. It has almost put me off shopping there altogether. But anyway, drivers also get a message stating that they must not go to any other address; they must drop us at the address they have been given, and they can’t make any other stops. Usually the drivers know we aren’t allowed to tip or give a rating either. When they ask about tips/ratings, I explain the situation so they know going forward. I also tell them I appreciate them being available to give me rides. Because I am very appreciative. If I could sprinkle money on those who need it like fairy sparkle, I would, believe me. Money absolutely does make things better.

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