My driver and I had a lively discussion about cops. One recently pulled her over because she was taking a couple to a mall on the west side, and the exit on the freeway was a left exit, not a right exit. The cop came from waaaaay back and pulled the driver over, steaming mad. “IF YOU ARE GOING TO SLOW DOWN, YOU NEED TO PULL OVER ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER!” The driver asked how she could access the left exit from the right shoulder. “THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!” Then he started tapping on her glass and yelling at her to put her window all the way down. She said he wasn’t wearing mask, so she wasn’t comfortable putting her window down. He just kind of stood there, so she asked what she was being stopped for, because she wanted to get the couple to their destination. “IF YOU ARE GOING TO SLOW DOWN, PULL OVER ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER!!” Of course, me in all of my sarcastic glory wondered if he wanted the phone number to the highway department so he could complain about the left exit.

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