My driver was the engineer again. We talked about the logistics of getting the next two riders in; one was supposed to be a large wheelchair and one was supposed to be a massive motorized wheelchair. This was one of the new busses with limited space, so he thought he was going to have to load one from the back and one from the side. Then as we were on our way, there was a shift change in dispatch and both wheelchairs were removed from our pickups. Ta da!

We started talking about OSHA. My driver said he attended many meetings because of his former job. There was one guy who went by a nickname that everyone called for a disaster (I can’t reveal it in case he is still connected). He was summoned when someone fell into a water turbine in NY (not at all survivable). He was called for major chemical spills. He was called for fires. My driver asked him how many companies were OSHA compliant in AZ. He said at best, 16%. Arizona does not believe in human safety or saving lives. Just like Arizona is an “at will” employment state, everyone basically is on their own as far as survival goes.

I told my driver about a family friend who now serves in the Minnesota House of Representatives as a Republican. He always talks about how he doesn’t want “big government,” and he votes down social safety nets. But his girlfriend’s son got himself into a bind in another state, and this guy called a “friend” at OSHA to get him out of it. In other words, big government worked for him. But he definitely doesn’t think anyone else should be protected. (By the way, that’s not the only point of hypocrisy in his life.)

My driver and I discussed briefly how mineral oil is strictly regulated in Europe. They understand that they shouldn’t be ingesting so much of it – it’s petrol-based. So when they do something like oil the blades for a meat slicer, it’s the bare, bare minimum. But here in the U.S., we don’t care about eating or drinking petroleum. We love it. We smear it all over our lips and faces and babies. Cancer be damned. Heart attacks and strokes are welcome here. So oil those blades and go greased lightning.

My driver said he was chatting with his HAM buddies about gas mileage and electric cars. We briefly discussed how the U.S. deliberately stays reliant upon petrol and refuses to convert to any other power sources, even though we know we need solutions now. I explained how stunning it was to me that my friends’ cars got around 100 miles per gallon. I mean, we packed ourselves in like a clown car; a kid in a car seat, an 11-year-old, 3 adults, and the tiniest boot I have ever seen that still managed to hold suitcases. It can be done. Americans can give up their big cars and get mileage. Just ask Peugeot.

HAM Operator
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