I thanked my driver for finding me. It was my day to stock up on groceries, and I got smart this time and brought both of my heavy duty bags, which I refer to as my “Floyd” bags – you pretty much can fit a dead body in them. They are heavy canvas and have a wire rim on the inside around the top. The heaviest I have packed one is around 65 pounds, but I decided to spread out the weight a little so I wouldn’t end up with crazy looking bruises and my body beat up more than it is.

My driver asked me if I was okay with the music selection. I was; I told her I was okay with most everything, with the exception of country rap, otherwise known as CRAP. She hadn’t heard of it, so I explained that another driver had tortured me with a song where a country artist was rapping about girls’ boobies bouncing in the first 3 rows, or something like that. Oh lord, my worst nightmare. I told her that the driver actually obviously hated women and became making huffy noises when I told him which side of the street my destination would be on; he said he wasn’t authorized to take me to another address. I told him I wasn’t going to a different address. I only wanted to let him know which side of the street the address was on. Well, he wasn’t having it. That ride couldn’t end soon enough.

That led to us talking about other Uber/Lyft drivers’ bad behavior. My driver told me that one of her passengers told her the day before that he had been waiting for his ride. The guy pulled up in his car, canceled the ride, flipped him the bird, and took off. When she told the story we were both giggling in a sort of outraged wonder, but she had to keep a straight face when the passenger was telling her – or he would have rated her low and she would have lost her driving privileges forever. I mean, who does that? Who goes out setting their whole house on fire? That guy. The passenger didn’t have anything outwardly remarkable or offensive about him. I don’t know, maybe that driver got a job offer with benefits or something.

Then my driver told me about two younger girls she got recently. It took her about 20 minutes to get to them (Phoenix has had a shortage of drivers, and my average of time waiting has been 9 to 25 minutes, which isn’t great, especially now that we are 100+ degrees Fahrenheit). The girls had debated cancelling the ride, they said, but they kept her because she wasn’t a creepy guy. And boy, that is the truth. We females have to navigate how to be safe and not die all of the time. It’s not an exaggeration.

My driver told me she has been married for 13 years, and she tells her husband and her son all the time that if she ever gets a divorce, they are living together, because she wants a nice, clean place for once. Her son is 7 years old and knows that he can just give her puppy dog eyes and get away with everything with her. Her husband is much better at disciplining him.

My art suggestion is from a dear friend that I have known since we attended a school for the arts together from ages 16 to 18. This person has worked tirelessly to educate the masses on the lesser-known artists in music who weren’t paid and acknowledged as much as they should have been but were big influences in the decades they were putting out music, as well as what we hear in current times. I can’t say enough good things, so please listen, AND buy merch(andise)!

DJ Action Slacks