This is a two-fer.

I had a couple of stops. First I needed to go from home to the pharmacy for my nasty medicine. It really is helpful, but it makes everything taste like dog food (I think). I thanked my driver for finding me. He was in a good mood and inquisitive about me, which I try not to let go for too long.

First we talked about the fact that I can’t stay outside and wait for rides during the high heat, which is why I waited until later for this run (after 6 pm, I checked the temp to see if it would be below 100 – I have a heart condition). Then we talked about all of the weird weather patterns happening, like in the Midwest where they are getting freezing temps overnight and not exactly warm during the day. My driver and I also chatted about the fact that Arizona has lost its more interesting weather happenings including the monsoon storms. We also miss the crazy colors and cloud formations and amazing sunsets. I asked him when he moved to Arizona (I could tell he wasn’t a native just by what he said), and he said he relocated about 30 years ago from Michigan. I told him that I had lived and worked on Mackinac Island, and he really perked up with that. I told him the story about a co-worker lending my then-boyfriend and I her car and how we almost got stuck going over the Mackinac Bridge because the car was leaking massive amounts of transmission fluid. I also told him about how the power line for the entire island went down because of freakish weather, and how my boyfriend and his roommates had access to the only warm food on the island because their restaurant had charcoal grills. And we laughed about the fact that some people got too drunk to make it home, so they would just kind of sleep in the grass by a road; no motorized vehicles are allowed on the island, so I think that’s pretty specific to the island.

As I was leaving the car, he said, “Hey, wait a sec – what did you do to your foot?” I have a boot now instead of a cast. I told him I have 7 rare diseases and I managed to punch through the ligaments on both feet, so I had to get surgery. Man, I hate that question. But I never answer rudely if someone hasn’t been jerky, and this driver was very friendly.

Art Print – Minneapolis Minnesota Bridge and Water

Art Print – Skater Grandma

Gorgeous Flamenco Shower Curtain

After getting my potion from the pharmacy, I had to head to the next location. The deal with disability services is that I have to call them to make the arrangements with Uber. I also have to pay for each “hop,” whether it’s a hop to a new location or a hop home. I pay for part of the ride and the City of Mesa (since I’m a resident) pays for the other part. The best way to do this is to plan all of my hops for one day so I don’t go one place and then go home, and then to to another place (maybe a different day) and then go home. But it’s freaking exhausting.

The next driver had put the description had put his car in as “orange,” but when he pulled up, I thought, “Tan, all day long. In whose book is this orange???” But the young man who was driving was super nice. When I got in he had the band The Head and the Heart blasting, and I said whoa, you’re playing my jam!!! I listen to this all the time!! I asked if this was also his choice, and he said no, I listen to rap. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I mean, he looked like he carried an alter boy outfit in his little trunk. He looked like he listened to ballads and composed bad poetry. He looked like he had no rhythm.

I asked if he was just starting for the night and he said yes, I was only his second ride. I asked if driving was his only gig or if he had another job besides, and he said driving was his only job. I asked if he would just stay in one area, like around Tempe or Scottsdale for the hot spots, and he said he just went anywhere the app told him. He said it was only has second week driving; I asked if he had any good stories, and he said “Plenty!” but sadly didn’t tell me ANY. I asked if he had friends that he would go out with and what they would do since everything is still really shut down. He told me he recently turned 21, so he was able to go to bars and do things like play pool. I thought this has to be a strange time to go through major milestones like turning 18 or 21 or graduating from high school or college here in the U.S. I told him that I missed going out dancing like I used to when I was younger, especially to an ’80’s bar in Scottsdale. His response was (complete with an eyeroll), “Yeah, that’s really old. No one does that anymore.” Oh. My God. THAT made me feel old. I almost said, “So what do the kids do these days?” But no, That would just be affirming his stance on my age and how close I’m getting to my grave.

Driver One
Driver Two

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