I kind of stumbled off the curb, not really able to see well because of my mask, and also dragging my big boot on my foot in this weird dance of trying to properly feel where the ground was from the curb and not falling on my face gracelessly. Today was my last day of having to officially wear the boot on my right foot after surgery and I will graduate to the really fancy and fun brace tomorrow. But it’s always super awkward getting into vehicles because I forget that my boot is sticking out much further than my toes, and I end up banging some part of the door, even though I would like to enter quiet as a church mouse. My body does not play.

So after getting all of me inside and making sure I didn’t actually leave a mark, I thanked my driver for finding me. He told me it was his first day driving after being off for 14 months and I was his second ride. I asked him if it felt a little weird, and he said no, it really felt like it would as if riding a bike, just getting on as if no time had passed. Plus now he had a sectional couch to pay for so he had to hustle. We talked about bonuses and incentives; he seemed to be having better luck than the driver from a few nights ago who was not allowed any incentives. Uber is so fickle sometimes.

He wanted to know why I had the boot and the hand braces, so I covered a little about my rare diseases. (It’s a lot. Don’t ever get sick, kids, especially if you are a female.) But then I told him that I had been talking a lot, and I wanted to ask him about himself. I asked where he was from, and he said Minnesota. So was I! He asked me where, so I told him which suburbs of Minneapolis I had lived. He told me he was from St. Anthony. I asked him, do you know _____, my classmate from this high school for the arts? He said no way, I do! We used to hang all the time! He used to give me crap about my cheap beer, Rhinelander. So we talked about this mutual friend/acquaintance of ours, and how smart he is, and how he ended up in another state (he got married and now has his own family). I told him I would hit up my friend when I got home, and my driver asked me to say hello for him.

My driver was a very friendly guy, smiling and chatty. He’s got the deep tan of someone who has weathered the Arizona sun a volleyball game or 17. But he has been living in Arizona for about 20 years, which would put him here just before I moved here myself. When you put in that kind of time here after being born in the Midwest, you have to love it here, scorpions and all.

When I got back home, I hit up our friend on Messenger and let him know what went down. Small world! I love it when that happens. It’s not the first time. I have lived in other states. One time I had to use someone’s driver’s license to process something and I noticed the hometown was the same as another classmate’s. I asked if the guy if knew my classmate, and he said, uuuuhhhhhh, yeah. I said, so do I! This town was small, about 2,000 people, and it happened about 28 years ago. The guy was a little confused because he thought nobody would know about that town. I have learned that it never hurts to ask. I’m never shy.

I hope everyone got their incentives this weekend, or whatever it is that you need.

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