This was one of those mornings where I put in the call to disability dispatch and not one, not two, but three times I had drivers cancel on me. They do that when the ride/money isn’t big enough. The issue right now is that there aren’t many drivers and they end up driving 20-25 minutes to pick someone up, but then we only need to go 3 or 4 miles. I was going from my hand surgeon’s office to the post office. I definitely can’t walk it or bus it. So having this service available to help me is incredibly helpful.

I thanked my driver for finding me, especially since the other drivers cancelled. (I didn’t realize it, but we had a hard time seeing each other because a prison van was parked and partially blocking the view and the driveway because someone was brought in for an appointment.) My driver was a handsome young guy who just wants to be “successful.” His stepdad was a multimillionaire who lost his money twice gambling. He thinks his money is built up again, but he hopes that he never loses his money like his stepdad did in the first place.

My driver wants to get into luxury real estate in California. He said he was in it before. It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut because I was in the real estate world (albeit on the legal and tech side, not the sales side) for 21 years, and if he’s done it before, that means he dropped out. I asked him if he thought he could make it work, and he said, “Oh yeah, for sure,” but didn’t tell me how or why. I have made the drive from Phoenix to San Diego and it’s seven hours. So if you have something happen at a property, like pipes burst, or someone wants an immediate showing, you have to either have a business partner who is physically there – so you split the commission – or you haul ass.

My driver was definitely trying to physically fit a certain description. He had a very sharp haircut, a very clean, white t-shirt, somewhat strong cologne, bleached teeth, and manicured fingernails. And muscles.

As I was leaving the car, I told him I hoped the money rained down for him.

I’m just going to make some observations. First, because his stepdad is wealthy, I’m going to assume he automatically has some clientele built in. Second, because his stepdad is wealthy, he automatically considered this an option, whereas some of us might not think so. It’s something to watch on TV, but most of us would not make that leap of faith.

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