My driver has a 17 year old daughter who, she says, is lazy. No motivation. She has a completely paid for car from her dad but she can’t drive it because she still only has her permit and isn’t interested in getting her license. School is a mile from home but she absolutely won’t walk a mile. She is going to try working at McDonald’s tomorrow as her first job, which is across the street, but we will see how it goes. (Mom acknowledged she was partly to blame as her parent, but she also doesn’t know what will motivate her at this point.)

This seems to be part of a bigger problem, which is the much-celebrated “I want my kids to have more than I did” school of thought. Up to this point, both mom and dad gave her everything the daughter needed and most of what she wanted, but then expected a switch to flip when it came time to pick up more responsibility (and more freedom!) when adulthood loomed near. Surprise, it didn’t. It doesn’t work that way.

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