My driver is originally from Siberia, and moved here at age 20 in 2001. His dad and brother still live there and he tries to visit for about 3 weeks every year. I asked him if he misses anything, and he said the food, especially meat. It tastes cleaner – it’s not modified with anything like hormones or antibiotics or anything else that alters the taste, and there is a definite difference. He said that when he gets there, he misses stuff from the U.S. We all figure out our comforts and favorites. I know I would go to five different grocery stores on the regular if I could. 

When he told me where he was from, I had to make sure I heard him correctly when he said Siberia and not Serbia. First, I have met probably about five people from Serbia, but he is my first (that I know of) from Siberia. Second, he had heavy metal playing; quite frankly, this could be a nod to either the Soviet Union OR the former Yugoslavia, as both embraced that type of music. I made sure not to ask any stereotypical questions about Siberia during our short ride. That is key when asking questions of anyone who has moved here from another country. What would you like to tell others, or what would you like us to know, if anything?

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Russian matrioshka shower curtain

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