I thanked my driver for finding me. He was in a very compact little Mercedez, kind of a fun version of a RAV-4, cherry red, and the air conditioning and smooth jazz were blasting. Thank goodness. This Arizona heat is in full swing.

I asked him how his day was going, and he said it was great, and he started at 6 am and would probably stop at about noon. He told me that he drives about 3 days a week because he likes to get out. I hear that often, especially with seniors. Uber is a good way to combat loneliness.

He told me that he had been dating a woman for about a year. They had met online and had gotten to know each other quite well, but hadn’t been able to socialize much because of the circumstances. The woman had a trip with her friends in San Francisco, and through them had been introduced to a man there who had a lot more money than my driver and promised her lots of trips, so she dumped my driver. She claimed she hadn’t been intimate with the new guy, had only been out to dinner with him. Now, my driver said he was 73. It seems the dating issues we have in our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s don’t go away when we hit our 70s. I told him I was sorry he was dumped for the bigger stack of cash. He said it was okay, but I could tell he was bothered. It seemed like he still wanted answers.

My driver did say that he felt like his life has been blessed and he hasn’t had many challenges to slow him down. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals and has a World Series ring. He has four beautiful daughters. He has had jobs where he just kind of fell into being a regional sales manager, and money keeps getting thrown at him. My driver even made up his own company after working for Levi Strauss, and all of these clients followed him like the Pied Piper. He told me a few times that he has had trips in various locations around the world, so he isn’t afraid of adventure.

I told him that I believed in our lifetimes, at least one big lesson comes our way. I asked him if he thought he had any lessons. He said that he maybe had some challenges, but he is a positive person, and he really enjoys his life. I actually met a woman about a month ago who was tall (he’s tall), lovely and fun, and I told him so, but I had reservations about introducing her to him because I didn’t think she loved herself enough (there were specific things that happened during our meeting that I don’t want to get into here). I felt like she still had a lot of work to do before she would be happy. My driver said that he loved himself and he wanted to be with someone who loved herself too. So that was it. We had to let her go, because not everyone wants broken love at 73-ish. And because he’s such a positive and well-rounded person, I have no doubt that he will find someone suitable sooner rather than later.

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