I thanked my driver for finding me. I asked him how long he had lived in the Phoenix area, and he said three years; prior to that he lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, but he moved here to be close to his mother, who needed his help. She had given up driving and needed more assistance. She still had her license but no longer did any driving. So he explained that while he was out driving, if she ever called for anything, he would put everything on hold and go and get her or run errands for her, and then go back to work. Their routine was working out well, and he got to be close to her.

I told my driver that I had to stop driving in 2015, and that I was thankful for him and the other drivers who were available to do the driving for us. Phoenix cannot be navigated without a car. I also told him about how my grandpa lived to be 105 years of age but gave up driving around age 91 – except for the old Volkswagen that he occasionally would take out in the field to whip around. (The technical term: “whipping shitties.”) My driver thought that was all impressive about my grandpa, both on his advanced age and the field shenanigans. He thought I might live to a ripe old age as well. But it’s a toss-up. Everyone on my mother’s side lives a long life; everyone on my dad’s side only makes it to mid-60’s at best, but at 47, I’m at the exact age that the death toll begins. We’ll see which side wins.

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