I thanked my driver for finding me. I was just wrapping up 6 hours at this grocery store/pharmacy/minute clinic. Six hours of hell. My feet are still swollen and numb, and I have been home for almost five hours by the time I’m sitting down to write this. All I can say is that I tried really, really hard to comply with getting a shingles vaccine in anticipation of changing meds upon the order of my rheumatologist, and everyone I encountered dropped the ball.

My driver let me decompress a little. I complimented her Tardis tattoo. As we were turning left to head towards my place, she commented that the pedestrian walking towards us shouldn’t be, because they didn’t have the indicator to cross. Then she told me that she knew the guy who was the original kid who was the reason behind the school zones being 15 miles per hour in Arizona.

The kid was 6 years old at the time (now an adult), and he was crossing in a crosswalk in front of a school in Tucson, and was struck by a car. My driver said that he suffered a permanent traumatic brain injury. He/his family sued, but then he was made 10 percent liable for the accident. It’s that thing that most of us are taught when we first start driving, and that there is no faultless accident unless your car is parked and someone hits you – maybe. But Arizona really doesn’t protect pedestrians. And Arizona also has the highest death rate of pedestrians in the United States. Is it because we assume that at some point, the liability shifts to the drivers completely? Maybe. I can tell you that when I lived in Kentucky and Ohio, people walked out in front of moving cars non-stop. It was rampant. It was completely unsafe. And they used to crow about how pedestrians had the right of way. I think some of that mentality has moved with those transplants here to Arizona, because they expect to be protected. Or they expect to make it out alive.

So now, thanks to that kid so many years ago who was hit by a car in front of his school, we have the 15 mph school zones, but you’re still liable if you are on foot and you get hit by a car in that zone, or anywhere else, no matter what. My driver and I talked about the fact that Arizona is very much a pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps state, and how that plays into education (no one wants to pay for education, so we are making dumb kids and ranking 49 out of 50 in education). We have older, wealthier residents who would rather pocket their wealth than pay taxes for things like education, fire/police and utilities. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the stupid recount.

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