I thanked my driver for finding me. It was already very humid, quite unusual for Arizona, but we’re in our monsoon season and rain always seems just around the corner. Thank goodness for some strong air conditioning. My driver had his radio set to the local rock station but they were just talking and playing commercials, and talking more, and going back to commercials.

After the seventh commercial in a row, I said they sure were against playing any music. My driver agreed and said he didn’t know what the problem was, they always had music on in the afternoon. I asked him what type of music he listened to and he said rock. I asked him if he played any instruments, and he said trumpet. I told him that all of us in my family played instruments, and my sister played the trumpet. He said his sister started off playing clarinet, but then switched to playing flute. The weird part is that she couldn’t tell anyone why she switched to flute. The family showed up to see her play in a concert, and there she was with a different instrument. She actually preferred clarinet. Still no clue to this day. So…was she hypnotized, like the Pied Piper? Kind of strange.

I asked my driver if he had been to the Musical Instrument Museum [ranked 5th best overall in the U.S.]. He said he hadn’t been yet because it seemed like such a long drive (which was a bit funny, as I’m assuming he drives about a thousand miles a week). He said his current boss used to be the manager at the gift shop there. I told him that if he truly loved music, he should carve out some time to go, it’s absolutely worth it. Never wait for anyone else, just go. I talked to him a little bit about some of the unusual instruments he might see, and how they managed to smuggle three instruments out from North Korea. Every country on Earth is represented. He said he liked the intricate instruments from the far east and he would try to get to the MIM now. I told him that I listened to all kinds of music and have just about everything in my own personal collection including sub-Saharan African. My driver said that he had all kinds of world music too, but he didn’t really talk to his friends about it because they wouldn’t understand. Kind of sad that he had to front with rock music as his answer at first.

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Yejin Han – Piano Performer and Teacher, New York, NY

Ben Abraham – Singer/Songwriter, Australia

Radoslav Lorkovic` – Musician/Songwriter, U.S.