I thanked my driver for finding me. She was actually the second driver to get assigned to me through the disability dispatch program; the first driver cancelled. Sometimes they do that if it’s a short trip and they don’t feel like it’s worth it. I get it. But dang, I’m hot and tired, it’s humid as well because it’s monsoon season, and I’m trying to get my groceries home. I really do appreciate it when drivers show up.

I asked my driver what she had coming up this weekend. She said her kids were starting school next week. I asked her how many, and she said four. That’s a lot to me! I asked if they were excited, and she said kind of, but none of the schools were allowing the option of remote school, they were being required to attend in person. And now she has to scramble to get all of them vaccinated that are old enough, by Saturday, the next day. She said that it wasn’t as urgent before, but now that the delta variant is going around, she is very worried. One of her kids has bad asthma and would be very high risk. My driver asked me if I had any kids, and I told her no. She said that I was still young and that might change. I laughed and told her I am 47. Her voice got low and she said no. No you aren’t. But this type of exchange happens with me quite a bit, and it’s because one of my rare diseases actually keeps me younger looking. I told my driver I shouldn’t have anyone to look after because I can barely keep plants alive.

In Arizona, we have a really stupid governor, along the lines of those who are in charge of Iowa and South Dakota. Mask up, wash up and get vaccinated. This isn’t an either-or situation. Do all of them.

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