I thanked my driver for finding me. Immediately upon entering the van, I felt his good energy. He was young and so nice. I asked my driver where he was from originally, and he said he just moved to Phoenix two months ago from Chicago.

My driver was excited because he had a friend visiting for the weekend from Chicago, and it was actually his second friend to do that. I commiserated that it was great – I always felt like I could relax with “my people” – when that happened when I first moved somewhere, like I didn’t feel like I had to dress up or act a certain way to impress, and it was nice to just let go. My driver said that within the first week of moving to Phoenix he had met a guy and his girlfriend because the guy had offered to help him move a couch after seeing him struggle. Now the four of them (my driver and his girlfriend, plus the other two) hit it off so well, they end up hanging out quite a bit. I got goosebumps when he said that. I got the feeling that they would end up being friends for life, or at least a good long while.

I asked my driver what type of work or job he was into besides driving. He said he was into music, as a producer, so I asked what kind, and he said hip hop, R&B, trip, house, rap, but hip hop was his favorite. I told him that the music scene has gone through a lot of changes in Phoenix. I warned him that it wasn’t always the easiest scene, and that people loved cover music. I felt like an evil old witch when I said it because it just kind of deflated his aura. That sweet kid. I just said that he needed to be aware, but keep plugging away at it. [Side note: One of my regular short bus drivers has his own radio station and writes for Pit Bull and Ariana Grande. Phoenix is not an easy market. You have to keep a straight job while you are also an artist.]

I asked my driver what he had planned for the weekend with his friend visiting. He said he wanted to head up to Sedona, so I told him about making sure to drive up through Oak Creek Canyon, just north of Sedona. At first it looks like it’s going to be nothing, and then holy cow, it’s something. So beautiful. Twisty, winding roads with these sheer cliffs lining each side, and lots of water and trees. Just go those extra few miles. See everything. Do everything.

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