I thanked my driver for finding me. I had returned to the best- or worst-kept secret in Mesa, AZ – a super inexpensive produce store. Shoppers must keep their wits about them and possibly wear pads and a helmet. It gets crowded and irrational. My bag that I lovingly call “Floyd” because it could probably fit a small body was weighed down with about 11 different fruits and vegetables and I was holding a huge bag of mixed greens that I got for $0.99 measuring about 1.5’x3′ or something like that. It really was like holding a bed pillow. My total haul was about $24.00, but I think it added up to somewhere around 30 lbs. of fresh fruits and veggies. And my driver had never visited! So I gave him a quick rundown. I like to share.

My driver asked me what I did for fun. I kind of chuckled. I told him I used to go swing dancing and salsa dancing when I was able to do a lot more before my body broke down. Then I asked the same question of him. He told me that he had gotten into writing and for six months, really took it seriously and devoted more time and attention to it. My driver’s first project was self-publishing a 20,000 word novella. Then he thought that maybe he could take it further. So he decided to morph it into a screenplay.

My driver said that at first he was going to go with the original story, but in a flash of inspiration, it completely changed. He was also excited at how easily the dialogue seemed to flow from him to the page. What my driver was most thrilled about is that he is now entered into a screenwriting contest. I told him I have multiple friends in the industry who started out as classmates at my arts high school and have gone through (or are still going through) contests and look-sees. We agreed that if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it, and nothing would be special. We don’t see producers and writers in their early 20s for a reason.

My driver also wanted to be a professional poker player. Since I dated one of those, I told my driver so and added that the guy I dated was “kind of a dick” in a softer voice. Driver thought it was funny. Oh, good. Being right isn’t always fun or funny!

When dropping me off, my driver thanked me for a really great conversation, and he hoped that he had more like that for the rest of the day. I hoped he did too. I mean, what kind of people were getting in the car before and after me? I let you guys see a glimpse of my world, but sometimes I’d like to see what happens with other people. Is everyone depressed or angry? I do know that at least one couple was super high, because when I went to open my door and I was the passenger after them, the inside door handle was smeared with chocolate. Heroin addicts usually crave sugar. When I mentioned the smeary handle, that driver said dang, he thought he got it all, and then he explained. High AF.

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