I thanked my driver for finding me. I would just like to say that she was super cute, with a punk blond curly hair-do and bright green eye shadow.

I asked my driver how she was doing, and she dragged out the word “Okay” followed by “I guess.” I asked her what was going on, and she said that her regular place of employment had a fire, so she wasn’t quite sure about what to do. A FIRE. My driver said it was a restaurant. She said there were plenty of job postings, but trying to figure out which was the best place to work was tricky. Her resume` stated that she was a server and also a food enthusiast. When customers had a good time and were excited about their food, she was excited for them. My impression was that my driver wouldn’t have difficulty finding a paycheck as much as she would finding the perfect fit. Phoenix is very much a city where people think the most fun you can have is going out to eat – even to chain restaurants – and there’s no reason for my driver to pick a place to work that she dreads.

I asked my driver if she felt like she had enough resources to get her through this particular time. I explained about Market on the Move/POWWOW and the amazing amount of produce we were getting for $10. She said that it wouldn’t be of any use to her because she isn’t juicing right now. I let her know that it took a lot of prep, but usually when I got a box of fruits and veggies, I made a bunch of meals and froze them. My driver wasn’t having any of that. I think maybe she is a food enthusiast if someone else is doing all of the cooking. That’s okay, all of that prep and cooking can be exhausting. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. But I also love it.

By the way, I looked it up; servers are paid on average $12 an hour (U.S.) in Phoenix. Sure, you can make more, if you land a gig where you make better tips. But the restaurant where my she was working was not known for that. Could this be a time for my driver to upgrade her employment and her paycheck? Maybe. But she was also a little bit punk. She might have to compromise her individuality for a slightly higher paycheck. There’s also this phenomenon where people say hey, if you don’t like the low pay, get a better job. So that’s happening, but then the people who love to not cook and want their food served to them ask why restaurants can’t stay staffed.

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