I thanked my driver for finding me. He is one of my regular cab drivers, so we have a certain amount of familiarity.

My driver told me he was extremely tired, as he had just gotten in at 4 a.m. in the morning after driving about 4 hours round trip for a fare to Page, Arizona. I asked him if the money made up for it. He said that it was over $400, so definitely.[That’s a lot of 4’s. Maybe it’s a good time to pick up lottery tickets?] But he joked that he would need a pretty strong doctor’s note to miss a Monday. It’s the day of the week filled with doctor appointments (I have two today) and flights. He is going to trade in the car he was driving for his regular cab, which is supposed to be fixed by now.

I made a comment about heading into Monday rush hour traffic, but my driver said he was used to getting into downtown Phoenix at this time of morning. As he demonstrated, he navigated one of the notoriously worst exits perfectly. My driver said people were rude and you just had to make sure you were set up right. Come afternoon, it would be pretty awful again. My driver said the cab company got the contract from CPS and so kids all across the city went on short visitations to their parents for a few hours, and no one could move in traffic. I had no idea anything like that was set up, so that was enlightening.

For the last portion of the ride, we listened to a radio show where the DJs helped a caller catch her boyfriend cheating. It gave me a lot of anxiety.