I tried to flag down my driver, but my hands were full with stuff and my cane. I had been standing outside for about 25 minutes. My brand new, Cadillac of all Cadillacs CPAP machine had to get reprogrammed because the internal clock was all wonky and the business was getting ready to close for the day. My state is still experiencing 108 degrees during the day and I was trying to stand as still as possible so I wouldn’t pass out. I tried to explain to the driver that I couldn’t raise my arms and waive at him at the other end of the strip mall about a half block away, but he rolled his eyes and said, “Well….” I’m just going to say that if a clearly disabled person with both hands in braces who is also using a cane and has stuff states they can’t easily flap their arms, it’s probably the truth. He only came down to get me after parking and waiting for about 3 minutes.

So after taking a few breaths of air conditioning, I asked him how long he had been doing the rideshare, and he told me five months total. That particular day he had only started at 2 pm, and he was picking me up at 5:20 pm, a very late start for him. My driver opted to have breakfast with his wife and run errands before she went to work; normally he tried to keep a schedule of driving for 8 hours while she also worked.

I asked him what he did before he got into driving. My driver said that he was doing residential roofing. He hated it! It’s hard work, especially in our state. The sun is brutal. He would usually have to be at his boss’s house at 4 am, then they would get in his boss’s truck and drive over to another person’s house to pick up two more guys, then they would go to the site. Then usually at about 6 pm they would stop working, drive to drop off the other guys, then drive to his boss’s house, then he would have to drive himself home from there. So every day turned into about 15 hours at least.

When my driver got to my complex, he was familiar with where to drop me and how to exit. It seems like more drivers are telling me that theses days. My complex is unique and in a high-traffic area, so I don’t doubt that we get a lot of rideshare action. I just hope it stays relatively mellow and rideshare is all that we see. I haven’t heard from the guy in the corner apartment who strips down to his underwear and threatens everyone in a while.