I thanked my driver for finding me. It was early in the morning and pleasant enough to want to have the windows down, though there is always the real possibility that I will end up looking like Cousin It when I get out of the car, so we end up closing them up.

I asked my driver what he did before driving, and he said he still did it, for 20 years now – financial counseling. He said that he really enjoyed educating people about how to take care of their finances and seeing everything connect and make sense. My driver said that it was too bad the portion of the population he counseled didn’t have money to pay for his services, because he had to supplement his own income by driving for Uber and Lyft, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from continuing that business.

I told my driver that I had worked at a large law firm that represented mortgage companies in foreclosures and bankruptcies. We talked about how it basically sucked my soul dry but I also learned a lot about the mortgage industry in those years. I had a much better understanding of why laws exist to protect borrowers. Unfettered capitalism should not exist. There was a point in time where friends were being targeted for predatory lending and I explained how their ignorance was being used against them, and they canceled their application. The mortgage broker refused to cancel their application and said he would “put it through anyway.” Then I intervened and offered to have the state pull his license. I required proof showing the application was canceled and wasn’t going to take any chances with that jackhole.

My driver and I talked about how as important credit scores are, the consistency of a traditional paycheck is the gold standard. Self employment is frowned upon no matter if the income is greater with self employment than being employed by someone else. Also, underwriters aren’t allowed any common sense wiggle room. This is actually a discussion I had with a disability group last week when speaking about purchasing a home as a disabled person on Social Security. There are certain programs we have to complete if we want assistance or to be able to use funding through HUD and some are redundant or don’t apply, but we still have to complete them. My driver and I discussed our credit scores (both of us comfortable with revealing them) and acknowledged that underwriting would still freak out over our individual situations.