I thanked my driver for finding me. She had ambient music and a sun tattoo. Definitely a cool and kind woman.

I asked her what she did besides driving, and she said she had a very diverse work background, but for the past 14 years she has been a massage therapist. She is currently set up with a group that is mobile and goes to clients’ homes. I asked my driver how she was affected by the last few years, and she said that she always had the potential of having something bad happen, but then everything would be okay. She would be warned that she might have been exposed, then she would have to be tested, and everything would come out okay.

I asked my driver if she was able to travel. She said that she had been asked by a friend to take a road trip to Tennessee at the spur of the moment. She has lived in Arizona for most of her life with the exception of very short stints in Northern California and Denver. When my driver thought of green and trees, she would picture pine. She didn’t know the rolling hills and mountains of grass and trees existed like they do more towards the east coast.

We also talked about the arts, because my driver really liked the blues music she heard in Memphis. We talked about how much Nashville is embracing more genres than just country. I also talked to her about how little women are played vs. men (stats are approximately 10 men vs. 1 woman air time). She wasn’t aware of how little women are promoted and played.

My driver said that after she got home from her trip, suddenly her health declined and she needed surgery that took 3 months to recover from. I talked to her a little bit about taking a big trip to Europe in 2012 and thinking I was done with 2 brain surgeries, and crying as a personal celebration by myself in the airport in Amsterdam. Now I look back and thank God I took that trip, and every trip before that. The surgery or surgeries weren’t punishment. The good times were something to keep and remember.

I am at the Mayo today, not as a patient, but because I am supposed to participate in a study, so they are doing my initial screen today. We just happened to take the drive I used to take to visit my Saturday night sugar daddy. It was the most beautiful drive I used to take, at sunset, just going to have a really nice dinner with a fun and funny guy. At the end of our relationship he was convinced he met his soul mate and dumped me for her. It didn’t end up that way. I still have good memories of him and I hope he does of me too. This pic is of that beautiful road. I don’t want to share too much. It’s mine.