I thanked my driver for finding me. His car was the right make and model, but a different color from what was listed. It threw me off a little but it’s not the first time that has happened.

I asked him how his day was going. My driver said it was okay today, but this week was something else. Did I want to know? I said sure, I love stories. He put on his storyteller voice. He said do you really want to know? I said of course! I love stories. Nothing phases me. Tell me.

My driver had an accent, and long, coarse, curly, salt-and-pepper hair. I guessed him to be in his late 30’s, early 40’s. He tells me that the day before, he picked up a woman who was stunningly beautiful. She was around 6’1″, slender, athletic, with defined ab muscles. He knew she had defined ab muscles because she was wearing workout clothes including just a sports bra. She got in the car and asked if he minded if she slept; they expected the drive to last about an hour, and of course he said go for it. He assumed she was a model of some sort, and that she might be on her way to a gym. (Not a chance, I think to myself. She is a working girl. Wrestling for sex.)

After only about 10 minutes she woke up and said she couldn’t sleep. He offered to stop at a QuikTrip/Circle K for coffee, but she declined. She asked if she could do the coke she had with her instead. Whaaaaaa? He immediately started driving very correctly. She asked my driver if he wanted to know what she did for a living, why she was getting a ride so early in the morning and why she was dressed that way.

I guessed that she was wrestling, and it was wrestling for sex. I was right.

My driver said this young woman was wrestling for sex. She made sure she stayed in excellent shape, it was her bread and butter. And she was high and couldn’t sleep, and just wanted to do more coke. So my driver had to make sure the cops didn’t have any reason to pull him over, at all. My driver said he was from Iraq, had survived two wars, now had a lovely wife and a lovely life, and wasn’t ready to give it all up for a crazy wrestling chick coked out of her mind. He told her he didn’t want her snorting anything in his car.

My driver told me that she told him a lot more about what happens on her jobs, but that he wouldn’t repeat it to me. I think he was disappointed that I wasn’t shocked. I explained to him that I’ve lived all over, I’ve seen a lot, and I have a wide variety of friends, and it takes a lot to truly shock me. I might have other reactions like anger, disappointment or humor, but rarely shock.