I thanked my driver for finding me. He told me I was one of his last rides; he usually drove the overnight. My driver said that it was usually pretty good, but keeping his car clean drove him crazy because the bug guts were all over, every night. He said he washed his car every day before driving. He didn’t know how anyone drove around in dirty cars. I didn’t tell him about hitting small and big animals where I grew up, but those deer crossing signs are for real.

My driver actually reminded me a lot of my former neighbor who lived directly next to me when I owned my house in South Phoenix. My neighbor was LGBTQ+ but also hood. This was definitely true for my driver. His car was lined with flashing/racing track lights all lit up with rainbows, and he was very well groomed. And he really got into telling me this story about getting trapped in his driveway by his neighbors, and during the telling of his story, he used his club volume voice like he was yelling over the nnn-ch nnn-ch music.

So it was a little confusing, but basically my driver was trying to leave his house and go to work. The neighbor and his friend had pulled into the alley, which is where the garages opened into for everyone to pull out with their cars. So there were two big trucks blocking incoming and outgoing traffic. The guys were dumping stuff into the community trash cans but they were taking their time. My driver sat for about 7 minutes, and he watched these guys open their doors, leave them open, and then go in their house and not come back out. So I didn’t quite understand the next part, but he somehow got wedged in where only one of the trucks could move (and should move) so then all three of them could get out, but the order was truck 1, my driver’s car, then truck 2, and that’s it. So my driver got out, went back in HIS house, checked his email, made a sandwich, and then moseyed back outside. The other guys were out there and pissed that he had somewhat blocked them in. So this is where his hood side came out. My driver started hitting his chest and challenging the other guys to come at him, they should have had more courtesy, they were being rude, maybe if they did things the right way this wouldn’t have happened.

When he was telling me this story, I pictured everything happening during the day. Nope. I was wrong. It was nighttime, and it wouldn’t have been so easy to see what was going on. So my driver was picking a fight with these guys, but there was no way to tell if someone was waiving a gun around. That’s a lot of trust to put out in the universe. The way it ended was sort of anticlimactic. Everyone slammed their doors. There were quite a few eff yous yelled out. But no blood was shed.

Disco Lights