I thanked my driver for finding me. For some reason, this is an address Uber messes up all the time.

My driver was a silver fox. Seriously. Quiet, deep voice. Salt and pepper hair, thick, never gonna fall out and be bald. Right around my age (late 40s, early 50s). Great bone structure. Gawd, he was handsome.

I asked him what he did besides/before driving. He said he had been involved in corporate and entertainment parties before COVID. He had been in entertainment for 20+ years, and had attended many parties both as an employee and as a guest. My driver said the coolest thing that happened to him was that Carol Burnett pointed at him and waived him over. He said, “Who, me?” and she said, “Yes, you!” So he got to talk to Carol Burnett for a bit. He said she was funny and warm, which is everything we would all expect her to be.

We talked about improv comedy, and how comedians – the really good ones – are great about thinking on their feet and being prepared for anything. Great mediators in real life crisis.

My driver and I also talked about staying optimistic during all of the pandemic, like him deciding to drive when he lost his ability to stay in the parties and entertainment. He is certain they will return, but it might look different.

Did I mention he was handsome?