I thanked my driver for finding me. I was back at the doctor’s office across from the air field. Strange location for a doctor’s office but it’s really obvious that I’m waiting for someone so they can’t miss me.

When I got in my driver apologized for listening to her particular subject matter, but she was listening to the 48 Hours podcast. I told her it was great, because I was obsessed with murder shows, and I especially liked it when the murderer got nailed. I had just listened to something last week where the perpetrator only got 6 years and served about 5 months, then walked. I told my driver that I took those shows a little too personally, because when I heard about those cases when someone was obviously just a rotten piece of trash and they walked, it really affected me. But when they really got nailed, I was relieved. I had a family member murdered and these shows meant something to me. My driver said, “Me too, me too.”

I asked my driver if she was saying me too because she took them personally, or if she was saying that she had a family member murdered. She said both; her mother was murdered many years ago. It was her dad that killed her. She said for her, both parents were taken away at the same time, and she was relieved to say that her dad got life without parole. My driver was lucky enough to be adopted into a loving family. Listening to and watching these shows are a sort of therapy for her, and I completely agree. It’s the same reason I watch. My driver and I laughed over the fact that we had taken criminal justice courses in college, but decided to let others go down that path and we would just watch the shows.

We had just enough time in this ride (15 minutes) for my driver to tell me about one of the shows she had listened to recently. There was a murder in a small town and the cops remained focused on the boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend as the only suspects. The family of the victim, a young woman, was convinced that neither of the men would have done it; they were big, big guys, but gentle giants. The young woman was tied to a chair and shot execution style. The local cops wouldn’t investigate any clues, they just wanted to nail the guys. It turns out that a couple of guys from out of town were searching for someone else, got some bad directions, and shot her instead of the person they were after. It was only pieced together after the sister of one of the guys stirred everything up with the state police and irritated them for being dragged into an investigation. After a year of the small town police doing everything wrong, the state police solved it in two weeks.

My driver and I agreed that these shows and podcasts were our way of processing what happened to our family members. This ride was our 15 minutes of group therapy.