I thanked my driver for finding me. She was calling me as I was walking towards her car, but I couldn’t pick up because I can’t talk on the phone and walk at the same time; I have hand braces and a cane, and it gets really tricky.

It turns out that my driver wasn’t planning on taking rides just yet. She wanted to run through the car wash to get some of the dust and rain drops off of her car. But Uber is weird and pushy sometimes, and it started giving her directions to pick me up, even though she didn’t specifically log in to take rides. So there she was, and there I was, and I got a ride home.

We talked a little bit about nightmare rides. I told her about the guys who pretended to pick me up, or pretended I was a no-show, and how Uber was charging me anyway – because I must be at fault, since I’m disabled and everything. I stand outside and make it really obvious I’m waiting. It gets really painful sometimes. But anyway, that prompted her to tell me her worst riders story, and it turns out my driver has been driving at least part time for 7 years. She said she was manager for a call center for 15 years, and just in the past year she decided to make driving full time even though the money was slightly less.

My driver usually drives weekend nights for about six hours a night and makes enough for the bills that way, but she had been slacking for the last two weeks and so she was making up some hours this past week. Somehow she got a couple in her car who were day drinking. They decided they were going to have sex in her back seat. She told them to stop or she was going to report them. They were making all kinds of sloppy noises and pushing on her seat while she was driving. The guy even somehow got on the floor behind her while the woman stayed on the back seat. My driver then pulled over and kicked them out of the car. They complained that she was dropping them instead of taking them where they needed to go. I asked why they weren’t excited about finishing in a really public place, since that seemed to be what they craved??

My driver said that she didn’t have any regrets transitioning to driving, and she met a lot of people, some of whom she developed friendships with. She said that she never knew what people were going through, and sometimes she would say just what someone needed to hear, and sometimes someone else would say something to her that would be helpful. But she felt like she was in the best place possible right now.