I thanked my driver for finding me. The dispatch company actually directed her to a daycare company in the same medical complex, so I decided to walk to that location instead of hope that she would somehow find me at the correct office. That turned out okay, she figured it out and scooped me up. Good thing, because I had my tooth pulled and wasn’t up for any dilly-dallying.

My driver said that she had just gotten nailed by a speed camera in North Scottsdale this morning. She was in her brother-in-law’s vehicle because it was a 4-door and not a sports car like hers, which was a Dodge Charger. It turns out she was about 3 weeks shy of not having to take a point on her driver’s license for the ticket and just being able to take a class online to avoid the point and a raise in her insurance, because she had a similar ticket on January 10th. My driver thought it was more important to get her kids to school on time than it was to slow down. She said she was going something like 55 in a 35 school zone. When you lay on the gas and you have a flashy car, you kind of become a noticeable target too. But my driver admitted that really, she had so many speeding tickets. So many.

My driver was also excited because she did some searching and found out that I was close to a weed dispensary. Weed is now legal in Arizona as a recreational drug. She was telling me about how it changed her life. My driver used to weigh 110 pounds more than she does now. She was pregnant with her most recent child, and she had developed pre-eclampsia, but didn’t realize that she had high blood pressure because (she believed) smoking marijuana had lowered her blood pressure. It also had helped with her anxiety. Before she got pregnant she had gastric bypass surgery and she lost weight rapidly. When my driver got pregnant, she stopped smoking marijuana, and then developed pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy. Now she is back to smoking it and feels a lot better. My driver’s husband takes edible marijuana CBD for pain, and gets high from those (as did I when I was trying to get relief from having horrible pain from a cerebrospinal fluid leak in 2014), and my driver doesn’t feel any effect from those.

At the end of my ride, my driver thanked me for being so “cool” to talk to, because some people are so stuffy and worried about saying appropriate things, and not allowing her to swear. She swore, a lot. Absolutely fine by me.