Thanks For Finding Me

Getting Rides and Stories from Strangers

All about the journey.

Thanks for finding me.

This is an opportunity for you to hear some stories from people you may not have otherwise. I’m a disabled woman now in my late 40s and I have to rely on others to drive me because I had repeated brain surgeries that have failed, and am now also dealing with vertebrae that are fusing together, and bones in my hands that are as well. I have seven rare diseases total; but honestly, I get tired of telling my story. So when I have to use transportation, I thank the drivers for finding me (because sometimes it’s not easy – there’s distractions, there’s construction, Google Maps wants to make them stop driving in the middle of the street), and then I start by asking them how they are and how long they’ve lived in this city.

I don’t take full pictures of their faces. I don’t disclose everything we talk about, especially if it’s sensitive in nature and I feel like it should be kept private.

In my posts, I’m making suggestions for art because 1) art is all around us, and 2) artists should be paid. Original art does not have to be expensive to be owned, and 3) art helps us to process life. Some write, some draw, some sing, some dance, but it all comes out, and it’s all to make sense of the world.

One more thing: If you are looking to add physical activity into your life, or get stronger, or de-stress, or tone up and lose weight, I highly recommend Donovan Green. He has set up chair workouts and works with people at all fitness levels, including those of us who are disabled. Because of my physical limitations, I am likely never going to be able to leave the chair behind, but I want to do as much as I can for as long as I can. He has advanced exercises that aren’t chair based, don’t let the name or concept fool you. Donovan is motivating enough to make you want to stand on your head and play the tuba if that’s what it takes. Please check his videos out and support your health.

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