Thanks For Finding Me

Getting Rides and Stories from Strangers

The Encounters.

Scared Sober

I thanked my driver for finding me. He looked familiar, and I think from a previous ride I remembered him as being someone who may have taken in his grandchildren, but I didn’t ask. All I had to do was ask him how long he had lived in Phoenix and he had a lot to […]

One Good Man

He got out of the cab and ran around to open the door. This never happens. I thanked him repeatedly. He tried to talk and write in his log at the same time, and we had this funny disjointed conversation about Bobby Brown (love old school R&B/dance) and how when I worked at a hospital […]

Those Nails, Though

My driver has a 17 year old daughter who, she says, is lazy. No motivation. She has a completely paid for car from her dad but she can’t drive it because she still only has her permit and isn’t interested in getting her license. School is a mile from home but she absolutely won’t walk […]

Seeking New Roots

I thanked my driver for finding me. I left my apartment early since we are now in the dog days of summer; every day is guaranteed to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit/37 degrees Celsius or greater (this last weekend was 108). She noticed that I was across from the Mesa courthouse and that there were cops […]

Big Time

This was one of those mornings where I put in the call to disability dispatch and not one, not two, but three times I had drivers cancel on me. They do that when the ride/money isn’t big enough. The issue right now is that there aren’t many drivers and they end up driving 20-25 minutes […]

I Drove All Night

I thanked my driver for finding me. I also silently said in my head that I was glad he was alive, because I just saw another driver race down my usually incredibly quiet street going about 70-80 miles per hour and he would have met him head-on. I guess they were feeling bold because the […]

It’s A Small World After All

I kind of stumbled off the curb, not really able to see well because of my mask, and also dragging my big boot on my foot in this weird dance of trying to properly feel where the ground was from the curb and not falling on my face gracelessly. Today was my last day of […]

I Need To Get Out More

This is a two-fer. I had a couple of stops. First I needed to go from home to the pharmacy for my nasty medicine. It really is helpful, but it makes everything taste like dog food (I think). I thanked my driver for finding me. He was in a good mood and inquisitive about me, […]

Hope For Better Days

I thanked my driver for finding me. I was at Target, but the Uber app was directing him to a flower shop in the same plaza. It’s safe to say that at this time at night, Target was the only option. And oh, what a night it was. I got a notification that one driver […]

Oh, Be-HAVE!

I thanked my driver for finding me. It was my day to stock up on groceries, and I got smart this time and brought both of my heavy duty bags, which I refer to as my “Floyd” bags – you pretty much can fit a dead body in them. They are heavy canvas and have […]


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